The main rules of bookmakers

The main rules of bookmakers

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Data verification – usually

Starting from the moment of registration, the bettor must comply with the conditions set by the bookmaker. In addition to reaching the age of 18, which allows you to participate in gambling, users are required to provide reliable information about themselves. At any time, the special services of the bookmaker can check the veracity of the data. If it turns out that the client deliberately or intentionally deceived the bookmakers, nothing good can be expected.


There are a number of other rules that only the bookmakers themselves can change:

It is strictly forbidden to register more than one account on the BC website. If a second gambling account belonging to one user is detected, the bookmaker’s administration reserves the right to block all cabinets without the right to withdraw money.
The betting account at the bookmaker’s office should only be used for betting on sports and other events that are offered in the bookmaker’s line. Any other operations are prohibited.
The bookmaker can change quotes at any time. If the bettor has already made a bet, after which the odds for the selected outcome have changed, the quotes in the coupon remain the same.
The date and time that are published in the bookmaker’s line indicate the period for stopping the acceptance of bets. Competitions for various reasons may start later, but the event will be closed. If the time and date are incorrect due to the error of the betting company, the bet cannot be cancelled.
If you continue to accept bets on an event that has already started, the transaction will be settled at odds of 1 (return). The exception is live bets.Bets that are incorrectly calculated for any reason (errors in the results and others) will be recalculated.

rules of bookmakers

The bookmaker may refuse to accept bets for any client without explaining the reasons.
Winnings are counted only after the end of the event (at rates before the start of the match), based on the published results in the bookmaker. An exception applies to live bets, which can be settled after the selected event has already taken place.
The fixed rate is a confirmation of the client’s agreement with the terms of the bookmaker.

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