How to bet

How to bet


To begin with, you need to be at least a little interested in the events of the sports world. Just hearing the news with results or accidentally seeing a review on the news is very little.

Fortunately, today there are plenty of sports channels that broadcast events of many disciplines, except for popular matches in football, tennis, and hockey. Viewing will allow you to understand the way teams / athletes play, learn the rules and features, you can also test your own intuition and analytical skills. Collecting more information about the upcoming event is the first step to success in betting.

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First you need to understand the basic terms, without understanding the essence of which it is better not to meddle on the bookmaker’s website.
The main page contains sections:
Line. A set of events available for betting.
live. List of events on which bets are accepted in real time.
Results and statistics. Category in which the results of matches in the current and previous seasons are collected.

Basic terminology

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Personal Area. Bets are accepted only from registered players who, after entering personal information, gain access to a personal profile. All player actions are displayed here – bet history, financial transactions, available bonus offers and active promotions are separately visible.
When you open the line, a list of events appears, divided by sport. By selecting the category of interest, the user can see the matches on which bets are accepted. Having opened a specific event, there is a list of outcomes with odds.This is called “painting” by bettors.
The most popular are:
P1, X, P2 – victory of the first team (P1), draw (X) or victory of the second team (P2).
1X, 12, X2 – victory or draw of the 1st team (1X), victory of any team (there will be no draw in the match – 12), victory or draw of the 2nd team (X2).
Total – the total (individual for each opponent) number of goals, points and other statistical indicators in the match.
Handicap – the difference in the score.

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