What does GG mean in betting

What does GG mean in betting

what does gg mean in betting

When browsing sportsbook odds boards and reviewing bet slips, you’ll often see the term ‘GG’ used by bookmakers. But what exactly does this shorthand mean when making bets?

This quick guide explains the common meaning of GG betting terminology and how it’s used when wagering on football matches.

What Does GG Stand for in Betting?

In betting, the abbreviation GG stands for “Goal/Goals”. It is typically used for bets related to the total goals scored in a football match.

Some examples include:

  • GG – This bet wins if a match has at least one goal scored by either team. It loses if the match ends 0-0 in a goalless draw.
  • GG/NG – Here GG means ‘Goal’ while NG means ‘No Goal’. This is a simple bet on whether a game will have over or under 1.5 goals.
  • O2.5 GG – This bet wins if there are 3 or more goals in total scored during the match. The 2.5 indicates the line is set at over 2.5 goals.
  • GG HT – This wager cashes if there is at least 1 goal scored in the first half. HT stands for half time.
  • GG FT – Same as above but FT means full time, so the bet wins if any goals are scored before the final whistle.

As you can see, bookmakers use GG as quick shorthand to indicate bets related to totals goals without writing out ‘goal’ or ‘goals’ each time.

Typical GG Bets on Offer

Some popular GG goal-related bets sportsbooks normally offer include:

  • GG/NG (Over/Under 1.5 Goals)
  • Team A GG/NG (Team to Score/Not Score)
  • Both Teams GG/NG (Both Teams to Score)
  • Overs GG Lines (Over 0.5, 2.5, 3.5 Goals etc)
  • GG in Halves, Periods, Minutes intervals
  • Next GG Time – betting on exact time of next goal
  • GG Combo bets – combining GG with results like Home Team Wins + O2.5 GG

When you see ‘GG’ listed on a bookmaker’s betting slip or under markets, you now know it is referencing goals being scored.

Using GG Bets in your Wagering

GG goal bets are very popular for football wagering because predicting totals goals can be easier than picking an outright winner. GG lines allow you to bet on matches in-play as well after assessing the flow of the game.

Now that you understand the common meaning of GG betting terminology, you can confidently use these goal-related bets as part of your sports wagering repertoire

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