Types of bets – short for beginners

Types of bets – short for beginners

There are three types of bets that are accepted by bookmakers:


Single event selection. If the player correctly predicted the outcome, the winnings are formed by multiplying the bet amount by the odds. For betting beginners, this type of bet is considered optimal.


Two or more events are selected in the coupon. To win, you need all outcomes to pass, one wrong prediction – and the bet is lost. Express is calculated like a single bet – the bet is multiplied by the total odds.

There may be nuances here: for example, a player bet on a total of more than 2 goals in a match, and exactly two goals were scored in the meeting, such an outcome is calculated with odds. 1.0.


At least 3 events are played, the maximum number of possible outcomes in one coupon depends on the bookmaker, there can be up to 45 of them. Mini-express trains are formed from them – you need to select the system option: for example, 2 out of 3, 2 out of 8, 4 out of 14 7 out of 19 etc. Events that are guessed are multiplied among themselves and added. The resulting total amount will be credited to the player’s balance.
You need to start with the collection and processing of information. The player must understand what determines the choice of a particular outcome. It will help to compare the statistics of performances in recent competitions, the results of personal confrontations, news from the headquarters of the teams about the condition of the leading performers (for example, injuries or disqualifications). You need to take into account the location of the event and even the weather forecast. After all, in the event of adverse conditions, even the favorites face problems in matches against outright outsiders.

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